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    Fiji enjoys an ideal South Sea tropical climate. It is thus a perfect holiday destination, especially for those trying to escape the severe Northern Hemisphere winters. Maximum summer temperatures average 31 Degrees Celsius (88 Degrees F) and the mean minimum is 22 Degrees Celsius (72 Degrees F) The winter average maximum is 29 Degrees Celsius (84 Degrees Celsius F) and the mean minimum is 19 Degrees Celsius (66 Degrees Celsius F). These are much cooler in the uplands of the interior of the large islands.

    A cooling trade wind blows from the east southeast of most of the year. It usually drops to a whisper in the evening and picks up again by midmorning. Fiji has a climate ideally suited for the outdoors, the beach and surf, for light cotton dresses, barbecues and water sports.

    For more details on Fiji's climate and weather forecasts we suggest you visit the Fiji Meteorological Service Online

    Average Air Temperatures: 23 - 30°C 73 - 86°F
    Average Water Temperatures: 27 - 29°C 80 - 84°F
    Average Air Temperature: 20 - 26°C 68 - 79°F
    Average Water Temperatures: 25 - 27°C 77 - 80°F

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