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Established 1988, offers a wide range of activities including River canoeing, magic waterfalls, Fijian Village, Bamboo rafting, Inflatable rafting, Namosi High Lands, Tramping, Trekking, Whitewater rafting, Absailing,

Location activity/ies: Namosi Province

Type of Transportation: Cars, Mini coaches, local buses, Highland carriers, Inflatable rafts, Bamboo rafts, rivers, canoes.

Recommended physical limitations / age limits: Non except on hard Adventures - 15yrs to 45 years recommended.

Suitable attire, what to bring, and what not to bring: Depends on which activity you want to go on.

Included in activity/ies: Transfers, meals, guides where applicable - accomodation, entertainment, as described in brochure.

Packages available:

    Tour 1:
    Navua river Triple Challenge 1
    (River canoeing/Fijian Village/Bamboo rafting)

    Tour 2
    Navua river Triple Challenge 1
    (River canoeing/Magic waterfalls/Bamboo rafting)

    Tour 3
    Navua river Triple Challenge 1
    (River canoeing/Magic waterfalls/Fijian Village)

    Tour 4
    Navua River Awesome Foursome
    (River canoeing/Magic waterfalls/Fijian Village/Bamboo rafting) - best in value for money, Day tour

    Tour 5
    Great Adventures Fiji
    2 and a half hours 4WD in fiji's lush rainforest frontier, the Namosi Highlands. Great sights include towering rocky mountains, interior villages of Namosi valleys. River canoeing and sightseeing down the Navua River, visit and swim in the magic waterfalls.

    Tour 6,7,8
    Fijian Adventure - 2 days/1night, 3 days 2 nights, 4 days 3 nights
    River Canoeing, Magic Waterfalls, Bamboo Rafting, Fijian Village, River Fishing, Tramping, Treking/Namosi Highlands. This is a soft adventure.

    Tour 9
    Triple Tremble Plus
    (Namosi Highlands/ Whitewater Rafting/Longboat Ride/Magic Waterfalls) - Hard adventure

    Tour 10
    Fiji Quad Adventures
    (Namosi Highlands/ Whitewater Rafting/Abseiling/Longboat Ride) - hard adventure

    Tour 11
    Family Fun Rafting
    (Longboat Ride/ Nanuamua Village Cultural Centre/ Inflatable Rafting/Magic Waterfalls)

    Tour 12
    Ultimate Adventure Challenge (2,3,4 days/1,2,3 nights)
    (Namosi Highlands/ Whitewater Rafting/Villages Overnight/Kayaking or Treking or Abseiling/Magic Waterfalls/ Long Boat Ride/Camping)

    Tour 13
    Adventureland Discovery (2,3 or 4 days/1,2,3 nights)
    (Namosi Highlands/ Treking/Tramping/Village Over Night/ Inflatable Rafting/Bamboo Rafting/Absailing,Magic Waterdfalls,Longboat Ride.

    Tour 14
    Navua River Fishing Adventures
    First in Fiji, explore Navua River's spectacular, isolated and rugged scenery with endless choices of safe swimming spots. Bring your own Luck ! Native fish - Ika droka(glass perch) Damu, Freshwater trevally

Booking methods: Phone, Fax & E-mail.

Payments accepted:
Cash, Bankbook draft/cheues, direct Telegraphic Transfer, Credit cards - Visa or Master card, Amex.

    Discover Fiji Tours
    PO Box 171, Navua Fiji Islands
    Ph: 679 450 – 180
    Fax: 679 450 – 549

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