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    Visitors to Fiji should bring a light tropical wardrobe. Bathing suits, shorts, T-shirts and as they will soon discover "sulus" (known also throughout the Pacific as pareau, lavalava or sarong) are a must for both men and women. The wrap-around "sulu" is Fiji’s most distinctive and versatile form of dress. It is women who obtain the most benefit from the "sulu". There are at least ten different ways in which it can be used, even for evening wear. Ask your resort staff for hints on tying and wearing your "sulu".

    Visitors are asked to be careful not to offend local sensibilities. Wearing bikinis and ultra-brief, swimming costumes is fine at the resort but not when visiting villages or shopping in town. At such times it is easy to take a sulu to use as a wrap-around so no offence is caused. Both men and women should be careful to respect local feelings.


      For Women
      Halter -Neck Sulus

      Place one corner over-shoulder and wrap around body to tie behind neck



      One Shoulder Style

      Place one corner over shoulder and right around body to back tie corners

      For Men
      Wrap around body very tight, tuck one corner over and then the other one in and roll the cloth to hold firm


      Make corners at front and tie firmly

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