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    Most hotels have direct dialling facilities. Check with the operator for long distance and international charges, which may also be found in the telephone directory. Please note that the international country IDD code for Fiji is 679. There are no area codes. Thus, when dialling any part of Fiji from overseas the procedure would be:
    access code (679) plus the Fiji subscriber number.

Mobile Communication

    Vodafone Fiji Limited, a subsidiary of Telecom Fiji Ltd, operates a GSM digital mobile communication service. It has roaming agreements with Australian (GSM) operators namely Telstra, OPTUS and Vodafone Pty, and New Zealand operator - BellSouth plus UK operator Vodafone Ltd UK.

    All mobile customers are advised to check with their network operators for their roaming status before travelling to Fiji.

    To find out if you can roam in Fiji with your GSM handset, visit the Vodafone Website for the latest information.

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