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    Here is an idea of the average cost of goods and services. The values stated in Fijian dollars.

      Price F$
    Motorcoach sightseeing tour
    Half day
    Full day
    Day Cruise to an island
    Movie ticket
    Fijian village entertainment
    Hotel "Island Night"
    Sports Event

    Hotel Rooms [per day]
    Budget Accommodation
    Resort Accommodation

    Food & Drinks [per person]
    At Hotels and Resorts from:

    Bottle of Wine
    Glass of beer
    Cocktails from

    At Restaurants and Pubs from:
    Glass of beer


    $10.00 - $50.00
    $65.00 - $400.00


    $6.00 to $25.00
    $3.00 to $5.00


    Tipping is not encouraged in Fiji and it is left to the individual to determine whether to make a gratuity. Some resorts operate a staff Christmas fund. Though tipping is not a local custom, you will find local people tipping. This has as much to do with social attitudes as it does recognition of the excellence of service. Fijians ritually exchange gifts of food, clothing, "yaqona", "tabua", kerosene, and even money during important social occasions, so that tipping can be seen in the light of sharing. It can denote a person of affluence who is generous. But it must be emphasised that at all times it is a question of individual choice.

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